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Factory: 3105 S. Potter Drive, Tempe, Arizona, 85282

High Performance Test Sockets and Interposers

  • C200 and C300 Silmat® Contact Systems
  • C400 Silmat® Interposers
  • SMU-150 Universal Silmat® Interposers
  • G100 Gold Interposers
  • Custom sockets, manual actuators and stiffeners
  • Patented Silmat® elastomer technology and other proprietary contact solutions
  • High bandwidth, low inductance and high current carrying capabilities
  • Reliable, durable and resilient products for long life in all test applications across wide temperature ranges
  • High quality precision manufacturing in Tempe, Arizona
  • Fast lead times with excellent engineering capabilities and responsive service
  • Local applications and technical support with global reach across the U.S., Europe and Asia
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